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Principled Humanitarian Assistance of ECHO Partners in Iraq


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About this resource

Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Keywords:Access and Negotiation, Conflict, violence & peace, Principles & ethics
Agency:ECHO - European Community Humanitarian Office, NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council
Author(s):Schenkenberg, E. & Wendt, K.
Date published:June 2017
Publisher:HERE Geneva

Commissioned by NRC with the support of ECHO, this review takes an in-depth look at the extent to which humanitarian organisations that receive ECHO funding have incorporated the humanitarian principles in their strategy, decision-making, and practice in Iraq. In Iraq, humanitarian actors are confronted with a multitude of political and military obstacles that challenge the consistent application of humanitarian principles. This is by no means a new phenomenon, but a closer look at how humanitarian organisations work to uphold principled humanitarian action seems long overdue. To what degree do humanitarian organisations, in particular those funded by ECHO, use the four core principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence, in order to create the space necessary to operate in war-torn areas in Iraq, to secure and maintain access to people in crisis?

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